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  • tropopause — [ trɔpopoz ] n. f. • 1936; de tropo(sphère) et gr. pausis « cessation » ♦ Sc. Zone de transition entre la troposphère et la stratosphère. Dans la tropopause, la température ne s abaisse pas avec l altitude. ● tropopause nom féminin Zone… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • tropopause — [trō′pə pôz΄, träp′əpôz΄] n. [ TROPO(SPHERE) + PAUSE] an atmospheric transition zone or shell located between the troposphere and the stratosphere at an altitude of c. 10 to 20 km ( c. 6 to 12 mi), in which temperatures and atmospheric stability… …   English World dictionary

  • Tropopause — Schichtung der Atmosphäre Durch …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Tropopause — The tropopause is in the atmosphere between the troposphere and the stratosphere. Here the air ceases to cool at 56.5°C ( 70°F), and the air becomes almost completely dry.The troposphere is the lowest of the Earth s atmospheric layers and is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Tropopause — Température de l atmosphère (en °C) en fonction de l altitude (en km). La tropopause est la limite supérieure de la troposphère et la limite inférieure de la stratosphère. Il s agit d une couche plus ou moins épaisse où la température est stable… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Tropopause — troposferos ir jonosferos tarpsluoksnis statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. tropopause vok. Tropopause, f rus. тропопауза, f pranc. tropopause, f …   Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas

  • Tropopause — tropopauzė statusas T sritis ekologija ir aplinkotyra apibrėžtis Pereinamasis atmosferos sluoksnis tarp troposferos ir stratosferos. Būna Tropopause2 km storio (žiemą žemiau nei vasarą, poliarinėse platumose žemiau nei atogrąžose). Vidutinė… …   Ekologijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • tropopause — The boundary region at the top of the troposphere. In this atmospheric layer, an increase in altitude is not accompanied by a corresponding decrease in temperature. It is the coldest level in the atmosphere. The height of the tropopause is not… …   Aviation dictionary

  • tropopause — tropopauzė statusas T sritis Gynyba apibrėžtis Tarpinė zona tarp stratosferos ir troposferos. Tropopauzė dažniausiai būna 25 000–45 000 pėdų (8–15 km) aukštyje poliarinėse ir vidutinio klimato zonose ir 55 000 pėdų (20 km) aukštyje atogrąžų… …   NATO terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • tropopause — The transition zone between the stratosphere and the troposphere. The tropopause normally occurs at an altitude of about 25,000 to 45,000 feet (8 to 15 kilometers) in polar and temperate zones, and at 55,000 feet (20 kilometers) in the tropics …   Military dictionary

  • tropopause — noun The zone of transition between the troposphere and the stratosphere (approximately 13 kilometers). The tropopause normally occurs at an altitude of between 25,000 and 45,000 feet in polar and temperate zones. It occurs at 55,000 feet in the… …   Wiktionary

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